Watcher downloads include PDF manuals and software for DVR CMS clients.


All of our user guides are in PDF format.  Please download Adobe Reader if you are unable to open the files. Get Reader.


XL Hybrid DVR

XLE Embedded NVR

TVI Embedded DVR

E2 Embedded DVR

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Here is a list of our available software with a brief description of their use.

AnyDesk 5.0 Update for CentOS 6 AnyDesk install/update for CentOS 6. Please contact tech support prior to installation.

VMS Client v2.7 for XL/XL Plus Series DVRs. Remote Viewing Client for XL-Series DVRs. This application will work with our XL Plus, XL Plus Mini, and XL-Series systems.  After downloading this software, you MUST unzip or extract the folder first. After extracting the folder, install the VMS by right-clicking on the “Install_VMS” batch file and use “Run as Administrator”. For the VMS manual, please click here

VMS Client for Mac OS. Remote Viewing Client for for XL Plus series NVRs on Mac OS.

NVMS v3 Client for XLE and TVI Series DVRs. Remote Viewing Client for XLE and TVI-Series DVRs. Windows Only. (iOS version here: NVMS 7000 iOS)

TVI/XLE Video Player This player is used to view recorded video from our TVI and XLE systems on a USB Drive or PC. Windows Only.

CMS Client for E2 Series DVRs. Remote Viewing Client for E2-Series Embedded DVRs. E2-Series DVRs replaced our E-Series embedded systems in January, 2013.

 iVMS-4000 Client for E1 Series DVRS. Remote Viewing Client for Embedded DVRs purchased before January, 2013. Compatible Embedded systems should say “WatchBot” on the front of the DVR. This client is also compatible with XL-Series DVRs that are running the iVMS-2000 Server Software.

Video Format Converter – Converts to AVI. This video format converter allows you to convert recorded video to the AVI format that can be played in most computers. It will work with any XL-Series DVRs and our first-generation Embedded DVRs.

VLC Media Player. This video software will play a variety of video formats including MPEG-4, WMV, AVI, MP4, and MP3. This link is a download from a 3rd party, This allows you to auto download and install software in one click.