Dome Camera and Pole Mounting Kit Setup Guide

Attaching WP-7122 Camera to Telescoping Pole Mounts

If a WP-7122 is going to be suspended from a ceiling using pole mount CE-CP6W, CE-CP6B,CE-CP12W, or CE-CP12B, an adapter mounting kit must be used. Using Mounting Box #8161BP and Cam-Kit SC5, a WP-7122 dome camera can easily be attached to a pole.


Mounting Box 8161BP in Original Packaging


Cam-Kit-SC5 in Original Packaging












  1. Remove mounting kits from packaging. *See SC5 manual for attaching camera to Cam-Kit.
  2. Remove bracket from the SC5 Cam-Kit.

    SC5 Bracket

  3. The bracket comes in the locked position.

    SC5 Bracket in Locked Position

  4. Turn the bracket to the unlocked position.

    SC5 Bracket in Unlocked Position

  5. Separate the bracket from the mounting kit.

    Bracket Separated

  6. Place the 8161BP Mounting Box mounting side up.

    8161BP Mounting Side Up

  7. Line up the bracket from SC5 with the mounting holes on the 8161BP Mounting Box. Make sure the clips are facing up.

    SC5 Bracket Aligned with 8161BP

  8. Secure the bracket to the mounting box using the provided screws.

    SC5 Bracket Attached to 8161BP

  9. Attach the SC5 to the 8161BP Mounting Box.

    SC5 Bracket in Unlocked Position

  10. Turn the SC5 to the lock position.
  11. Attach painted set screw to secure bracket.

    8161BP and SC5 Locked Together

Attaching Mounting Box to Pole

The 8161BP Mounting Box can be used with either a 1/2” pole or a 3/4” pole. The mount has a nut that will need to be removed for a thicker pole.


Leave nut inserted for 1/2” poles.


Remove nut for 3/4” poles.










Either a 1/2” or 3/4” Conduit Set-Screw Connector will be needed to attach the mount to the pole.


Conduit Tube Connector

  1. Insert pole into the conduit connector.

    Telescoping Pole and Conduit Connector

  2. Align the connector set-screw hole to the screw hole on the adjustable pole.

    Aligned Set Screws

  3. Secure with conduit set-screw.

    Conduit Connector Attached to Pole

  4. Screw 8161BP Mounting Box to conduit connector.

    8161BP Mounting Box Attached to Telescoping Pole.

  5. If not already attached, attach SC5 to bottom of 8161BP and lock it into place with painted set screw.

    8161BP and SC5 Connected to Telescoping Pole

  6. The mounting kit is now connected to the telescoping pole. Using the existing screws, finish attaching dome camera WP-7122 to the mount. *See SC5 manual for attaching camera to Cam-Kit.

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