Watcher XL PLUS – Using Playback to View Recorded Video

To review and backup recorded video, click on Playback at the bottom of the main screen (Playback_Icon). Here you can view recorded video, save pictures, and backup video and still shots to a CD or USB drive. To play video just select a date on the right-hand side, select a time, click on OK, and double-click camera on the timeline at the bottom to start playing. The image and key below explain the screen icons.

Icons in the Playback Screen:

  1. Date Select – Select the date you would like to view.
  2. Device List & Timeline – Double click a camera line and time you would like to play.
  3. Window View Mode – Select the number of windows you want to view.
  4. Play All Cameras – Plays all cameras at time selected.
  5. Close All Cameras & Change Date – Closes all cameras and displays calendar.
  6. Play a Minute Backward – Goes back one minute from current playback time.
  7. Play a Minute Forward – Advances one minute ahead from current playback time.
  8. Play/Pause – Plays or pauses the selected camera.
  9. Backup – Allows you to backup recorded video to USB flash drive or CD/DVD (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW formats).
  10. Screenshot –  Saves a still screenshot of the selected video.
  11. Next Frame – Goes to the next frame of selected camera.
  12. DST Playback – Will not be used.
  13. ICON Search – Opens the icon search to view a time interval on one camera.
  14. Search Images –  View all screenshots and copy to a USB flash drive.
  15. Speed – Speed up or slow down the current playing video.
  16. Audio On/Off – Adjusts the volume of an audio camera if selected.
  17. Exit – Exit Playback.

This video goes over the icons and viewing video.


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