Watcher XLE – Adding and Configuring IP Cameras

Adding and Configuring IP Cameras

You should add and configure the online IP cameras to enable the live view and recording function.

Adding IP Cameras

You can search and add the online IP cameras by following the startup wizard, or according to the following steps.

  1. Enter the Camera Management interface.

a)  Click on Menu.

b)  Click on Camera.

c)  Click on Camera.


Adding a Camera

2.  To add the online cameras with same network segment:

a) Click on Search to search the online cameras.


Camera Settings Interface

b) Click on the Check box of the cameras to be added.

c) Click Quick Add to add the cameras.

3. To add other IP cameras:

d) On the left side of the interface, you can enter the IP address, protocol, management port, and other information of the IP camera to be added.

e) Click Add to add the camera.

Note: If you check the Synchronize IP Camera check box, the default settings of the NVR for the IP camera is applied to the added camera.

Configuring Basic Parameters of IP Cameras

After the adding of the IP cameras, the basic information of the camera lists in the page, and you can configure the basic setting of the IP cameras.

1. Click the icon to edit the parameters; you can edit the IP address, protocol and other parameters.


Edit the Parameters

2. Click on Apply to save the setting

3. Click on OK to exit the editing interface.

Advanced Parameters

To edit more parameters:

1. Click the Advance Set icon.


Network Configuration of the Camera

2. You can edit the network information and the password of the camera.

3. Click on Apply to save the settings.

4. Click on OK to exit the interface.

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