Do you have a Watcher XL DVR and adding IP Cameras?

If you have our Windows-based XL DVR, any new IP cameras you install will need to be registered. When you add a new IP camera, it is very important for it to be registered. Unregistered cameras will not record, will not display in remote software, and sometimes not even display in your group view.

How can you tell if your cameras are registered? From your Hybrid software, click on the ADD/DEL IPC button. This will open a pop-up window titled “IP Camera Device List.” This window will display every IP camera that you have added to the DVR. The last column on the right lists if a camera is registered or not. If you have a camera that is not registered, please contact us right away by clicking here and submitting an online tech request.

Please note: IP cameras purchased from Watcher Total Protection will be registered for free. Third-party cameras, not purchased from Watcher, will be assessed $50 per registration. New registration files will take 1-3 business days to update.