IP Cameras versus HD Analog Cameras

Are IP Cameras are worth the upgrade from Analog and HD Analog systems?
The answer is yes. IP Cameras provide increased resolutions and quality, as well as the flexibility of each camera as a standalone network device. This means that even if your DVR breaks down, cameras (or PoE switches) can be connected into the store network. This allows viewing through the web interface.

Generally speaking, IP Cameras will have higher resolutions, as well as superior picture in low light conditions compared to their Analog counterparts. Since IP Cameras get their power over Ethernet (PoE), there is no need to run extra power lines for each camera.

Are there any cons of IP Cameras?
One con that can be remedied quite easily is transfer length of cables. Cat5e/6 cables have a total transfer length of about 100 meters (or about 328 feet). Coaxial lines can go up to nearly 750 feet. There is a workaround, by implementing network bridges the signal can cover nearly five miles. By using bridges multiple buildings can be connected. A secure connection can be made between the access point and bridge.

One of the greatest benefits of Analog Cameras is that the response time is near instant. IP Cameras are capable of similar response times, but it is dependent on network setup and configuration. Watcher recommends to have the IP Cameras on a separate network run through the DVR, so they do not use Network Bandwidth.

What are the similarities between Analog and IP Cameras?
The technology is similar in both camera types. When either type of camera has an internet connection, whether through a DVR, NVR, or a simple Network connection, it can be viewed remotely. Camera types are generally the same, too. Both IP and Analog Cameras come in Domes, Bullets, Varifocal Cameras, and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). This gives a large selection of cameras to choose from.

Which type of camera should I buy?
IP Cameras are the future of CCTV. Analog HD still is a viable, cost-effective solution. As always, the best setup will depend on the store, network configuration, and the type of install. Both Analog and IP cameras have similar installations. IP Cameras do require a little more software setup, but the picture is worth it. Whichever camera system you choose, Watcher Total Protection will be with you every step of the way.

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