Watcher XLE – Backup Recorded Video

Recorded files can be backed up to USB Drives

  1. Right click the screen, select Menu
  2. Log in, if needed
  3. Click ‘Export’

a) Choose the channel(s) you want to back up.

b) Select the Start Time / Date.

c) Select the End Time / Date.

d) Click on Search OR Quick Export on older models


Quick Export Interface

2. Export Interface

a) Here you can select the footage you would like to backup

b) You can select files and click Export, or you can Export All


c) When prompted, select Video and Player

d) This may take a moment to complete


**Note: This player is specific for the XLE and TVI recorded video


Quick Export Interface

3. Check backup result.

a) Select the record file in Export interface.

b) Click on Live_View_icon to check the result.


Quick Export Result Interface

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