Once the camera is connected you should see lights on the port of the PoE Switch. When lights are lit, the switch is receiving communication. The camera will take a few moments to power on before it can be added. Once it is powered on, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Device Management (ipcaddUp) at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click on IPC Search at the bottom right.


    Device Management Screen

  3. Select the camera’s network Adapter IP Address and set the Device Type to NV series IPC. If no camera shows up, click Update Device List (this may take a few moments).


    Devices List

  4. Click on the new camera and edit the IP Address to match the camera network (ex. Also change the Gateway Address to match (ex.

  5. Click on Modify Device Information. *You may have to change the Login Password. Please call tech support at 847-250-0860 for assistance.

  6. Click on Update Device List and click the camera again (it should now have the new IP Address we assigned to it) If it does not, please call for updated password information.

  7. Click on Add Device. If you needed to change the password, please call for password information.

  8. Click on Exit.

  9. The camera should now be added in the Device Management and have Success for Connect Status.

  10. From the Device Management screen, click on the newly added camera.


    Modify Added Device

  11. Click on Modify Device.

  12. In the Device Name box, rename the camera by its location. Do Not use any special characters. Camera names can only be alpha numeric. Do Not leave the camera name as the IP Address. If you do, you may not be able to make copies of backup videos.

  13. Click on Save.

  14. Click on Exit.

  15. To add a camera to the display; click, hold, and drag the desired camera from the Device List on the right to the window you would like to display in. This will make sure the camera is working properly.

  16. Repeat for each camera.