The main screen of the XL Plus has many different icons. Here is an image of the screen and the definitions of the icons below.

  1. Live Preview Screen – Displays live video from selected devices.
  2. Split View Button – Allows you to select how many live screens are displayed.
  3. System Settings Button – Opens the Settings menu.
  4. Playback Button – Opens Playback feature for viewing and backing up recorded video.
  5. Group View&Setting Button – Opens display group settings.
  6. Manual Record Button – Turn on/off manual recording for all cameras connected.
  7. Capture Image Button – Takes a snapshot image of the currently selected camera and saves it to the specified location in System Settings. Images can be viewed and copied in Playback.
  8. Channel Setting Button – Opens the Camera Settings menu.
  9. Device Management Button – Opens the Device Manager to add a new camera.
  10. Lock Screen Button – Locks the system and prompts for a username and password.
  11. Power Button – Shutdown or restart the system.
  12. Log Info Panel – Detailed log of operations.
  13. Info Panel – Details about the CPU usage, time/date, and HDD status.  –The HDD has an error.  Disk_Formatting_icon –The HDD is formatting.  Disk _Empty_icon –The HDD is empty. Disk_Writing_icon –The HDD is writing.  Disk_Full_icon –The HDD is full. Disk_Used_icon –The HDD is used but not full.
  14. Device List Panel – Displays each connected device and its record status.
  15. Color/Audio Adjust Panel – Allows adjustment of color and audio settings of selected camera.
  16. PTZ Control Panel – Controls for PTZ cameras.