Watcher TVI – Initial Setup Guide

Proper startup and shutdown procedures are crucial to expanding the life of the DVR.
To start your DVR:
  1. Check the power supply is plugged into an electrical outlet. It is HIGHLY recommended that an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) be used in conjunction with the device. The Power LED on the front panel should be red, indicating the device gets the power supply.
  2. Press the POWER button on the front panel. The Power LED should turn green. The unit will begin to start.
To shut down the DVR:

Enter the Shutdown menu.

  1. Click on Menu.

    Shutdown Menu

  2. Click on Shutdown.
  3. Click on Yes.
Using the Start Wizard

By default, the Setup Wizard starts once the DVR has loaded, as shown below.


Start Wizard Interface

Operating the Setup Wizard:

  1. The Setup Wizard can walk you through some important settings of the DVR. If you don’t want to use the Setup Wizard at that moment, click on Cancel. You can also choose to use the Setup Wizard next time by leaving the “Start wizard when DVR starts?” check box checked.
  2. Click on Next on the Wizard window to enter the Login window.

    Login Window

  3. Enter the Admin Password. Call for password.
  4. To change the admin password, check the New Admin Password check box. Enter the new password and confirm the password in the given fields.
  5. Click on Next to open the date and time settings window.
  6. Adjust the Time Settings.

    Date and Time Settings Interface

  7. Click on Next. This will take you back to the Network Setup Wizard window.

    Network Configuration

  8. Configure your Network Settings.
  9. Click on Next after the settings are configured. The Advanced Network Setup Wizard window will open.

    Advanced Network Configuration

  10. Set the parameters of port No., Cloud P2P, Auto UPnP, or DDNS if required.
  11. Click on Next after configuring the advanced parameters. The HDD Management interface will open.

    HDD Management

  12. To initialize the HDD, click on Init. Initialization removes all the data saved in the HDD.
  13. Click on Next button. The Record Settings interface will pop up.

    Record Settings

  14. Click on Copy to copy the recording setting to other cameras.
  15. Click on OK to save the settings.
  16. Click on Exit to close the wizard.

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